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April 2018: Tips, ENews & More!


After putting up with the long, cold winter days, it's April and spring is officially here. With warmer days approaching, are you excited to enjoy more outdoor activities, or to simply hang out on the patio with your family and friends? All the more reason for you to smile! So why not let us take care of your smile and oral health by scheduling an appointment with us.

The month of April is Oral Health Month and also a great time to visit your dental hygienist at Kaydental. April 7th to 13th was National Dental Hygienists Week! It celebrates the hard work of our dental hygienists, your partner in oral health care. Our dental hygienists are key members of the Kaydental team, and as such, they have a key role in maintaining good oral health of for all of our patients. Learn more about our amazing team here and let us take care of your smile and oral health by scheduling an appointment with us. We'd love to see you!

Keep smiling,

Dr. Stephen Kay, Dr. Melvyn Kay, and the Kaydental Team

Effects of Oral Piercings on Your Oral Health


Many teenagers look for ways to express themselves uniquely, and some choose body art as their outlet. Although tongue, cheek, and lip rings can look cool, oral jewelry can cause major negative effects on your oral health during the procedure and afterwards.

Negative Effects of Oral Piercings

Aside from giving you bad breath, piercings can also cause major damage to your teeth and overall well-being. Here are just some potential negative effects:

  • Infection & Bad Breath
  • Swelling & Nerve Damage
  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Click here for more negative effects of oral piercings and what to do if you do decide to get a piercing.

Halibut-Mango Ceviche


Spring is a colorful season, so why not create a colorful and flavorful dish with fresh ingredients to compliment it?

This simple recipe leaves plenty of room for variation. So feel free to give it a twist and make it your own!

Click here for the full recipe.